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Puppetry Training Seminars – Kenya

Workshops are currently being offered through our affiliate organization, Kenya Institute of Puppet Theatre and details can be found at puppets.co.ke 

Topics Include:

Students will learn and practice important skills such as Mouth Action, Lip Sync, Eye Contact, Posture, and Entrances and Exits. Correct and incorrect technique will be demonstrated. Students will all lip sync a prerecorded song with a puppet (provided) in this class. This is a hands-on class with teacher demonstrations. Notes provided.


Students will learn how to use two rods to manipulate the puppet’s arms. Expression with the head and body and special attention to movement will be explored. Do’s and don’t and pros and cons of a variety of manipulation methods with be explained. Each student will go through a mock ‘rehearsal’ of skills with a puppet (provided) during this class. This is a hands-on class with teacher demonstrations. Notes provided.


Students will see how a single puppeteer can do a show. One puppet behind a stage, in front of the stage, pre-recorded scripts, live scripts and a silent puppet technique will all be taught. A brief explanation of ventriloquism is also included. This is a lecture class with brief demonstrations. Notes provided.


Students will get a large dose of specific ideas regarding how to start, maintain, advertise, and find dozens and dozens of places to perform within the community. Special attention is paid to avoiding common technical and tactical mistakes and finding new ways to reach the community with the puppet show. Tips on charging fees (or not) and financing the team’s expenses is also shared. This is a lecture class. Notes provided.
Teachers who have a specific message for church groups, crime prevention groups, or character building groups can learn dynamic ways to use object lessons to strengthen their topic. Students will learn how to introduce dynamic teaching tools to reach the audience. Magic tricks, physical demonstrations, funny lectures and more will be taught.  As well as a practical guide to developing your own object lessons. This is an interactive class. Notes provided.

Church workers and NGO workers are invited to attend, along with dramatic arts students.  Each person who attends will receive a 12 page book, complete with University Level notes.

Please pass along this information to interested parties.  This will be a lot of FUN and very educational.  Expect to learn a LOT and laugh a LOT throughout the day.

As you may or may not know, I am here in Kenya to develop new curriculum to be used with puppets for the purpose of teaching HIV prevention and awareness.  In the meantime, I hope to train as many puppeteers as possible with my existing curriculum.  To learn more about this work, you may take a look at projecthandup.org this is my charity.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. (Unless we have a great turnout, then we will offer additional trainings throughout the next month.)

Also, if you are interested in having a private workshop for your church or organization, or would like to help organize an event in a different city in Kenya, please respond and we can talk about setting up additional trainings.

–Darren Collins

PS:   Please make time/allowances for traffic.  You will not want to miss the beginning.

Puppets are for SALE at the workshop. I have designs that range from 4,000KES – 11,620KES – these are professional, high quality, sturdy puppets.  Not toys.  Each come with arm-rods. 


What Others Are Saying:

“…with Darren, not only do you have the highly skilled teacher, but you also have someone who is excellent in engaging his students in a “give and take” style of involvement that has everybody participating.  Of course, what Darren teaches is practical, but what sets him apart is his immense creativity which in turn stimulates others to be creative.   Do yourself and your people a favor and schedule Darren for what will be a unique time of training that will not stay in the notes that are taken, but will naturally flow into ministry.“  -Tony Mitchell, Children’s Pastor; Heritage Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA.