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Ena was absent from the programme for over three months during 1965 as Violet Carson took a sabbatical and for almost two months in 1968 when she went on a promotional tour to Australia. Top 1 Ena Sharples Quotes & Sayings Violet Wilson: [Chuckling] Does it really matter? Unique 121. However, her health remained a point of contention. Kenneth Barlow: [whole family minus Tracy sees Roy creeping downstairs after Tracy drugged and slept with him] Tea Roy? She was delighted in 1970 to meet young Tony Parsons, who shared her passion for the harmonium. Maxine Peacock: You should've stayed at the party, Maxine! [2] When Ena discovered his scheme she 'sold' him Onward Christian Soldiers, exposing him as a fraud. Matters were made worse after Ena fell over and was knocked unconscious while looking after Tracy Langton. Blanche Hunt: [points at Ken] He's had more affairs than Soft Mick! Ena Sharples: If that's Old King Cole I'm Huckleberry Hound; if you don't know what you're watching you want to keep your trap shut. Grabs the side of the duct tape gagging her mouth] This might hurt. Are a mild-mannered church-goer called Emilia Rita Littlewood: and a racy, Titian temptress called Reeba. I thought my tea tasted funny. 1960-1980 Ena's biggest gripe with Minnie was her cat, Bobby, who was something of an obsession of Minnie's; much to her chagrin, Ena would talk to Minnie at length only to discover that Minnie hadn't been listening to her, being preoccupied with Bobby. Ena was first seen to wear a hairnet in Episode 5. Shelley Unwin: Well, I'm still not too happy about it. When Minnie eventually decided to move to Whaley Bridge to live with Handel Gartside, she left without telling Ena as she feared Ena would talk her out of it. Ena also had a son, Ian, but due to her poor nutrition during the years she and Alfred struggled for work, Ian died soon after birth. Liz McDonald: No, this is for me job interview. Ena Sharples Marcus Dent: There's one thing Julie's got that's bigger than most people's. Ian died after only two days and Alfred died in 1937 during the Depression, leaving Ena a widow with two children. Ena Sharples - Searchlight Brewery - Untappd Ena grew up in a warm and loving home, and hoped to have the same for herself. Quotes.net. Well other people are different, they enjoy this. After serving Elsie her notice, Ena argued with Elsie in the Rovers - Elsie was not going to give up without a fight. [Violet is recounting Fred and Bev's furtive early-morning goodbye]. Ena collapsed due to the stress, but walked out of the hospital to return to her post so that Martha, who had taken on her responsibilities while she recovered, couldn't steal her job. Ena Sharples: Sometimes I think I am bout ready to go down to that cemetery. Frankie Baldwin: Will it make him better? 12 Dec 2010. *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Later that year, Ena got bored with the maisonette and moved into a flat above Ernest Bishop's camera shop. Trod on a snail? *Carson, who played street stalwart Ena Sharples for 20 years, died in 1985 in Cleveleys, Blackpool. In 1973, Ena suffered two heart attacks, but refused to move away as she wanted to die in the street. I've a tea towel with some on - Norris knows that! Well you must have took ten-to-the-douzen with drink inside you, or did you get tanked up ___. How did you get in? Ena alerted the other residents about it and Val was rescued. Ena had a health scare in 1962 when she suffered a minor stroke, brought on by hypostatic pneumonia. Ena collapsed due to the stress, but walked out of hospital to return to her post so that Martha Longhurst (Lynne Carol), who had taken on her responsibilities while she recovered, could not steal her job. And now I'm being told off by the former prostitue! In the show's fictional history, the street was built in 1902 and named in honour of the coronation of King Edward VII. The war years involved many highs and lows between Ena and Elsie - Ena helped deliver Elsie's first child, Linda, in Annie Walker's living room, but later wrote a letter to Arnold about Elsie's affairs with soldiers, which led Arnold to return home and rape Elsie. Ken Barlow: No, they don't know any better. She cries loudly] Oh, did I give you a Chinese burn. As congregations at the Mission Hall's services dwindled, the Hall became more often the domain of clubs and meetings. Vera and Bob got engaged, and by 1945 Vera and Ena became estranged, as Bob's parents wanted them to marry in a more upscale church, not what they saw as Ena's backstreet chapel. And you made me feel it was my fault! We'll take on some new staff, we'll expand, because all that matters is our girls. Ken Barlow: You mean they think they do cos they don't know any better. RM2D319A2 - Coronation Street creator Tony Warren and actress Betty Driver, who plays Betty Turpin, at the Granada studios in Manchester unveiling a blue plaque in memory of Coronation Street legend Violet Carson. Violet Carson - IMDb Hairnet | Coronation Street Wiki | Fandom Ena decided to once again move back to St Annes, telling committee man Ken Barlow that she'd be the one to decide when she'd come back, if she came back. TV Shows. 2023. Her friends had gradually left her life - Martha had died in 1964, and Minnie left in 1976 to live with Handel in Whaley Bridge. Everyone kept telling me you're destroying me, that you go with other women. Your daughter barely knows you. [talking about caf? The mission hall was demolished in 1968 - a significant year indeed - to make way for the new community centre. [Robbie grabs her]. Enjoy reading and share 1 famous quotes about Ena Sharples with everyone. Lecturing me - no - hectoring me! I mean, even her initials are a killer disease! Ena decided to give him another chance. Her skills were regularly called upon at events in the Rovers Return and other community venues. I think you're both! She was eventually offered her job back. Ena was grateful for the offer and moved back into the Street. One of the main characters during the 1960s, she was featured less regularly in the 1970s due to the declining health of actress Violet Carson, and was written out in 1980. Alfred Sharples (1920) A neighbour of Ena's, Elsie Tanner lived at No.11. She won't hear you - she's as deaf as a post! Carla Connor: [Carla screams through her gag, unable to speak], Robbie Sloane: Now, I'm going to nip out for two minutes. Sally Seddon: Yeah, re-branding they call it. Ena was offered a place at an old people's nursing home, which she unsurprisingly declined, choosing to lodge with her old friend Henry Foster at St. Annes after briefly living with Minnie; nevertheless when the maisonettes were built Ena moved into No.6, a purpose-built OAP ground floor flat. Six? Elsie represented the antithesis of Ena's lifestyle: during World War II, Elsie had separated from Arnold and raised two children by herself. She quit upon hearing the news and moved in with Minnie at No. The programme centres on Coronation Street in Weatherfield, a fictional town based on inner-city Salford. In 1977, Councillor Tattersall was aghast at the management of the Centre, run as it was by two elderly pensioners. Around 1917, Ena met Alfred Sharples, who had been sent home to heal a leg injury. You do go with other women. . Janice Battersby: Er right. In 1977, Councillor Tattersall (George Waring) tried to sack Ena so that his niece could take her job, but Alf Roberts (Bryan Mosley) fought on Ena's behalf. Danny Baldwin: Well, it's good stuff - his legs are working. Eventually, councillor Alf Roberts decided to reinstall Ena at the Centre later in the year. Father I can't trust you! Spouse(s) The fight spilled out into the Street and Ena ended up accidentally smashing one of No.11's windows with her handbag. The Mission was closed permanently a year later, when it was demolished along with the factory to make way for a block of two-storey maisonettes. Unfortunately, she often jumped to conclusions, assuming the worst of people, or exaggerated the truth. Ena Sharples Posters for Sale | Redbubble The first reference to her after this was in the 1985 spin-off video The Jubilee Years when Ken Barlow revealed that Ena died "a couple of years ago", placing her death around the same time as that of Carson's. Brian Packham: I know. Colin Salmon Later that year Ena's great nephew, Tom Schofield (David Holliday), visited her and invited her to her brother's home in the US for an extended stay. Leanne Battersby: [the day before Mike's funeral, Ken has entered the pub and given Leanne a dirty look] If that Ken Barlow looks at me like that tomorrow, I'm gonna bop him one. Although the living arrangements at No. Danny Baldwin: Get up, Frankie. Steve McDonald: [First lines, to Liz about his and Andy's sleeping arrangements] Mam, Why do we have to have t'back bedroom? Ken Barlow: I don't know. Ena did not have much contact with the surviving Schofields until her great-nephew Tom Schofield contacted her in 1965 and invited her to stay in the USA. As caretaker of the Mission of Glad Tidings, it was her responsibility to act in the best interests of the Mission's constituency, as her behaviour in public reflected on them. Roy Cropper: [to Hayley] You have turned an apology of an existence into a life, fuller and more joyous than I could ever hope. With no one else to take the job, Ena was selected as caretaker, and she moved into the adjacent Centre flat. Number of appearances Ena spent much of early 1978 with the Lomaxes in Hartlepool, who offered to house her permanently but she refused. Ena made herself at home, making the best of a bad situation, but unbeknown to her Martha couldn't wait to get rid of her and in the meantime had considered writing to an agony aunt to ask how to deal with her overbearing houseguest. No further mention of Ena was made, and it was assumed she had moved to St Annes permanently. The Weatherfield Mission committee decided to close one of their halls in 1965 due to the lack of interest, with the choice falling between the Coronation Street Mission and the Bold Street Mission. The 10 best Coronation Street characters | Culture | The Guardian 1966: Ena struggles to cope when Vera has weeks to live Vera came to stay again later in 1966, saying she was ill. Ena didn't believe her until she spoke to Vera's doctor, who said that Vera had a brain tumour and had a month to live. She was eventually offered her job back. Ken Barlow: Well just think of it. It was Ena who prevented the street from being renamed in 1962 when she wrote to Prince Philip to appeal for his help. When a family of Italians opened a caf in 1961, Ena boycotted the caf because they were Italian, however she changed her mind when she won a free meal in a raffle. Well you certainly have! The lawyers pay the woman off; sometimes uniformed guards accompany her to the elevators. I mean, even her initials are a killer disease! Ena preferred to control Vera's life and was disturbed when in 1942, while she had gone to a concert, Vera had gone to the American military base with Elsie Tanner and Elsie's friends, where she'd gotten drunk and lost her virginity. Sorry my name's Melanie and I'm an alcoholic. On 17 September 2010, it became the world's longest-running television soap opera and was listed in Guinness World Records. Blanche Hunt: He's a looney and she's a man. Ena Sharples. Ena was offered a place at an old folk's home but she unsurprisingly declined, choosing to lodge with old friend Henry Foster in St Annes after briefly living with Minnie, although when the maisonettes were built Ena moved into No. Ena: Lovely - she just sat up, broke wind, and died. My mum used to say Ena Sharples reminded her of Gran, which she wouldn't have been happy to hear! Unique Ena Sharples Posters designed and sold by artists. Emily Nugent: Doing what? Within six months of the show's first broadcast, it had become the most-watched programme on British television, and is now a significant part of British culture. ENA quotes (@dailyenaquotes) / Twitter In 1980, Ena dumped herself on Elsie Tanner (Pat Phoenix) and later Albert, while the flat was being re-decorated. After the Mission was demolished, Ena became caretaker at the Camera Shop and then at the Community Centre. Despite being out of work, Ena was soon occupied with other problems as Vera came to stay, having separated from her husband Bob Lomax. Ena's tendency to boss her children around had led to daughter Madge not speaking to her, and upon receiving feedback from nephew Colin Lomax about what Madge had been saying about Ena behind her back, Ena cut Madge out of her will without a second's thought. Shelley Unwin: Peter. Both Alf Roberts and Len Fairclough saw Tattersall off by threatening him with violence if he dared to move Ena out of the flat. [knocks more jars of the shelf and then pauses], [throws a large jar of something on the floor and it smashes extremely loudly]. Vicar: [attempting to escape from a reporter that has been questioning her] I expect you know today is the feast day for the patron saint of newspaper reporters. Cilla Brown: You're calling at a very inconvenient time. Ray Langton: Something for me? She tried to stop a flower show from taking place in the Community Centre in 1971 but was unsuccessful. Minnie was furious and told Ena their friendship was over, though she later relented. Peter Barlow: I don't know, I've forgotten. Ena was a capable and experienced pianist and player of the harmonium. When it comes to screwing money out of people, she does it very well! Check-in Add. The Sharpleses had continued to live in Inkerman Street, but after Alfred's death Ena needed a change and eagerly accepted the position of caretaker at the Glad Tidings Mission Hall in Viaduct Street when it was offered to her after Gladys's death. There was a time when stupid people, with nowt to steal - could leave the doors open! Mother Weatherfield In a book written about Women and Soap Opera, Ena was described as "brusque and uncompromising, refusing to adjust to the changing times". Later in the year, while Ena and most of the street residents were attending the wedding of Jerry Booth and Myra Dickinson, Michael broke into the vestry and robbed it, taking or trashing most of Ena's most treasured possessions. Despite her age, Ena was determined to secure the position of caretaker, and scared off her competitor Hetty Thorpe by warning her about the violence in the area. Peter Barlow: I think you've had enough Blanche. 10h First of all, who the hell are you? I Was Ena Sharples Father book. The first mention of Ena's death in the show itself was on 27 November 1989, during a scene in the Rovers Return when Deirdre says to builder Maurice Jones: "Ena Sharples would be turning in her grave.". Frankie Baldwin: You can't do that. Valerie Tatlock: Look Ken, you enjoy yourself going to the theatre and reading and all that. Ena quotes :) : r/JoelG - Reddit Now, scream. However, he enlisted and was soon after killed in battle, devastating Ena. They live in dumps like Coronation Street and they think this is paradise. For fifty weeks of the year they work to save up for this. She was furious to be replaced by Valerie Barlow while on holiday. Thomas Schofield An attentive student with a strong Christian upbringing, Ena became devoted to her religion and developed a firm belief in the importance of rules, regulations and morals. In court Ena pleaded not guilty, but refused to give her age when questioned, saying only that she was over 21. [They all greet her] No I did, I found it really interesting. One of the hairnet props was sold at auction for 65 in 2005 to a Dutch gentleman, who had bought it for his mother, a lifelong fan. There is always a bright side to every situation. Richard Hillman: Why can't they leave us alone? Blanche Hunt: And what am I doing? Birthplace The argument only stopped when Ena learned it was to be a mission on another street which was to be closed. The programme was conceived in 1960 by scriptwriter Tony Warren at Granada Television in Manchester. Annie Walker: My idea of heaven is doing a foxtrot on a French-chalked floor, knowing I look right. Some people work hard, very hard, all the year round and this is what they get at the end of it. Vera hadn't yet been told her condition was terminal. Atop the souvenir kiosk, Reeba belts out a quick rendition of "Paper Moon", whilst Emilia chose this moment - for some solemn prayer.". In 1915, Ena became engaged to Phil Moss, nephew of her mentor at the Glad Tidings Mission Hall, Gladys Arkwright. Vera came to stay again later in 1966, saying she was ill. Ena didn't believe her until she spoke to Vera's doctor, who said that Vera had a brain tumour and had a month to live. In 1967, Ena started a petition to have the betting shop closed down, although she was unsuccessful. 5. Our maths genius helped with all this. Elsie helped Ena understand to stop trying to stifle Vera, because then she would end up having no control over Vera at all. The two women rowed in the street, having to be pulled apart; Ena even broke a window with her purse. Within the storylines of the programme these absences were explained as Ena taking a trip to the USA to visit her brother and a stay in St. Annes with Henry Foster. Hayley Cropper: Where did you come from? That's all. Shop affordable wall art to hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank walls aren't welcome. 9th December 1960 Rita Littlewood: Emily, you do know what a menage-a-trois is? After a week, she moved to St Annes, as she realised she could not stay at Elsie's for much longer without getting into an argument. Still unhappy with the working conditions, however, Ena walked out of the job later in the year and moved in with Minnie, with Albert Tatlock briefly taking on the caretaker position. [talking about Eileen's father, Colin Grimshaw]. I've had 10,000 run. A disoriented Ena was later caught accidentally stealing from a supermarket. [Robbie leaves Carla tied to a chair in an empty room. Robbie Sloane: Sshh. Ena was pleased, as it occupied the exact spot where the vestry had been. When the war ended, Alfred and Ena ran into each other again and he told her that his marriage had been in name only - he'd had to marry the daughter of someone his father had owed money to. 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