did mapleshade's kits go to starclan

Mapleshade bravely tried to save her kits, and almost drowned herself in doing so, but ultimately failed. Larchpaw just looked at the sky absent-mindedly. In the recent months, and years, really, I've noticed that there have been a lot of people who, without much reason, just seem to defend Mapleshade and say she should go to Starclan, blah blah blah. StarClan really chose the wrong cat to try and mess up, because she just tried her best to protect her kits. And, Mapleshade would have naturally hated StarClan for causing the exile of her/her kits by sending the omen to Ravenwing. It seems weird for StarClan to send her to the Dark Forest if she was trying to save her kits, but I dont think StarClan knew about her visions, nor do I think that she had to free her kits. by that logic, why wasn't Mapleshade accepted into StarClan? Larchkit, Pachkit, and Petalkit were adorable and didnt deserve to drown and die instantly. Imagine the power we could have the revenge we could take. Yet he goes to StarClan and Mapleshade doesn't even though they both have similar motives (wanting to punish the cats that hurt them.) The technical storage or access is necessary for the legitimate purpose of storing preferences that are not requested by the subscriber or user. Welcome to r/WarriorCats! Shes not like Rainflower (Crookedstars mother) or Onestar, who abandoned her kits because of choice! Deathberries, also known by Twolegs as yew berries, are a type of poisonous fruit resembling red olives. I wondered if you know what it means., Mapleshade frowned, confused. About your prophecy, it could mean anything!!! I blinked. Birchface is rightfully their father, and they are Thunderclan cats through and through! And every blessing they stole from me! While he fell in love with Snowfur, Thistleclaw despised her sister, Bluestar. Mapleshade goes by some RiverClan cats who snarl at her and remember the day one of their warriors, Appledusk, struck a ThunderClan cat, Birchface, so hard that he fell into the river and drowned. Although I love Mapleshade, she deserves to go to the DF, and Appledusk to StarClan. Winners of the July 2022 fan challenge + new challenge announcement. Why would you want to go to StarClan? Could be that going to the Dark Forest is based partially on what kind of person you were, and partially on magical turbulence, so to speak. They go to a place beyond StarClan, where they still get to live eternally, but cannot speak with living cats anymore. Enraged, Mapleshade attacked and killed Spottedleaf, causing her to fade away forever. Not like, on a personal basis but more like how a bad storm can affect where an airplane can fly. -her only meeting up with Appledusk at night. Mapleshade vows vengeance on Ravenwing and Frecklewish, blaming them for her kits' deaths. She promised Crookedkit that she would make all his hopes come true in return for one thing: that he would hold his Clan more precious than anything else in the world. Yes. Appledusk nodded quickly. Appledusk blamed Mapleshade for getting their kits drowned and turned Mapleshade away. Then cats like Darkstripe and Hawkfrost would have gone to the Dark Forest to be with Tigerstar (although they may have also viewed StarClan as weak. The three kits nodded hastily, and started gobbling up the fish. The ones that deserve to go to the dark Forest are Oakstar, Appledusk, & Darkstar. The reasons why she didnt go to the bridge was Petalkit wrapped her paws around Patchkit's body,while Larchkit leaned his head as to follow his mother. Mapleshade is one of thefewmajor female villains in the. Thank you! Mapleshade after she is exiled from ThunderClan. That place is full of weak-willed cowards who clung to the warrior code like ants to a leaf in a puddle. He just wanted to kill them because of their association with Squirrelflight. Scourge | Bone | Jaggedtooth | Fury | Brick | Hoot and Jumper, The Dark Forest And Mapleshade was having nightmares of her kits unable to reach starclan without killing appledusk, ravenwing, And frecklewish. No matter what she did, she just couldnt make Sandstorm suffer, so she made Firestar suffer;by killing Spottedleaf. Yes, it WAS Mapleshade's Fault that her Kits Drowned by HollyleafTheGreat Fan Articles November 2, 2020 59 comments 4 min read HollyleafTheGreat takes a look at Mapleshade's involvement in the death of her kits. That is my last promise to you.Mapleshade swears revenge against her former mate, Appledusk, for turning his back on her. Without a subpoena, voluntary compliance on the part of your Internet Service Provider, or additional records from a third party, information stored or retrieved for this purpose alone cannot usually be used to identify you. After this she only hears two of her kits crying for her, and she thinks she needs to kill three cats total to properly avenge them. It was believed by some that she would be leader one day. However, Mapleshade was forced to surrender after Ashfur was defeated by the Lights in the Mist and fled. My mentor was busy treating Crimsonwish, who had whitecough. Once exiled, Mapleshade crosses the stepping stones when the rivers going to flood. But instead she chose to be lazy and take the fastest and most dangerous way, even if there was no flood. La Llorona drowned her kids after being angry and drowns kids thinking their here own kids, shes in grief and wails for them. Wasppaw was being greedy and teasing Patchpaw, answered Petalpaw, who narrowed her eyes at Wasppaw. A more likely explanation I think is that she and Ashfur pretended to feel bad about their actions to get into StarClan. Ashfur certainly didnt seem to feel bad about his actions during his life, but I suppose its possible (although not super likely imo, because why would dying make him change his mind?) Super stupid imo. Approximate individual price is $12.99 USD, and the three-pack bundle is $38.97 USD. If Ashfur and Hollyleaf has a lot of loved ones in StarClan who wanted them there, maybe they were called there, in a manner of speaking. She fought in the Great Battle and attempted to kill Sandstorm, but instead killed Spottedleaf for protecting Sandstorm, where she was chased back to the Dark Forest. Come. Like, if it is true that all of Ashfur's actions came from "loving too much," then couldn't you argue the same thing for Mapleshade? Did Hailstar say you could go? He took a vole from the fresh-kill pile and left. However, she ended up falling in love with a RiverClan tom namedAppledusk, which was forbidden by the Warrior Code. And, the most unfair thing of all was that Featherwhisker kept Bluestars secret a secret, when the other medicine cat couldnt keep their snout in the right place, resulting in Mapleshades kits death, heartbreak, and grief. by Riverspirit, Why Hollyleaf CAN NOT be part of the three by Honeypaw. Much, much more lies ahead of us, Tigerclaw. Frecklewish asks if Birchface, Frecklewish's brother, the warrior who Appledusk killed, is their father. Wasppaw let out a yelp as he tumbled to the ground. Mapleshade tries to take the kits across the river, but it's flooded, and the kits drown; Mapleshade herself only survives because a RiverClan patrol pulls her out in time. They can kill a cat in seconds. You told me you loved me! She was a brave and skillful warrior, willing to fightany enemy she encountered. Couldnt Mapleshade wander into non-territory and cross a safer way? Patchyface, thats my prey, because I caught it. I have walked beside you from the day you were born, guiding your paw steps, laying out your destiny before you. She traps his apprentice as bait, and just when she's trying to get him to fight her, his new mate Reedshine shows up. What do Chinese red noodle beans taste like? A moon later, she has kits. Want to edit and see less ads? Mapleshade then became a rogue and quicklyfell into insanity, her mind crawling withhallucinations of her drowned kits. We are going to met someone special.. Then, she finds out that Frecklewish watched her kits drown. Would the clan find out? Pouring, actually. . You have everything that I wanted, Sandstorm! Unlike Crookedjaw, Thistleclaw failed to become leader and didn'tescape the Dark Forest's influence,joining them after his death. They are so young and full of potential. When this is revealed, she is exiled and attempts to go to Riverclan. Since the day he was born, sheacted as a second ghostly voice in Tigerkit's head, not revealing herself until late into his adulthood in a dream. You, out of all warriors, should know that. Mapleshade faced betrayal and heartbreak in her life, and the burning need to make everyone else feel her pain followed her even beyond death. Make more articles! She was proven to be right, as Goosefeather's ability slowly overwhelmed him and drove him mad, without the need for her input. Ravenwing scents me behind him. After RiverClan cast her out of the scene, Mapleshade went into grief and hallucinated of her dead kits crying out to be avenged. You told me you loved me! Appledusk will live on in his kits, and their kits in turn. Mapleshade names her kits Petalkit, Patchkit and Larchkit. During the battle between the Clans, StarClan and the Dark Forest, she tried to kill a ThunderClan senior warrior, Sandstorm, becauseshe had everything Mapleshade ever wanted: a mate who loved her, having kits that she could watch grow up and one day have kits of their own, and respect from her Clanmates, all of which she believed StarClan stole from her. This is where my issue with the Dark Forest is since who is sent to the Dark Forest or not seems rather arbitrary. to be fair more than half of arc 4 suffers from continuity errors and really badly inserted plot devices (looking at you, fourth cat and hollyleaf). His gaze turned to Mapleshade. The kits soon were playfighting with a leaf that spiraled down from the sky. Mapleshade suppressed a purr; Larchkit always made her laugh. It was entirely, 100% her fault. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Art by GrayPillow People empathize with Mapleshade and defend her with the fact that her kits drowned. that he did actually feel bad after his death. It is known that Mapleshade and a few others had survived the Great Battle, as she's later seen with Silverhawk in The Broken Code. Press J to jump to the feed. But don't worry, I made them pay. This is due to the fact that,unlike most of the other major villains, whose evil actions are driven by a lust for something they've never had, Mapleshade's evil actions are driven by grief and anger over something she has lost. All credit belongs to Erin Hunter. But, this cant be the only criteria for entrance into the Dark Forest because other cats like Darkstripe, Thistleclaw and Hawkfrost are also in the Dark Forest, but none of them actually succeeded in murdering anyone.

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