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NOTE: In September 2012 I resigned from puppetsinc.com and have started a charity: Project Hand Up, of which I am the International Director.

“One of the most ambitious projects I’ve stumbled into in the last few years is the formation of a company called Puppetsinc.com.

In 2009, myself and two of my friends created a new puppet manufacturing company that serves professional and amateur puppeteers working live or on video.  Most of our customers are educators doing childhood education shows in churches, schools or are community education specialists in crime and fire prevention.  Theater troupes and puppet teams also use us as a resource for puppets, stages, and puppeteer training and puppet show accessories/needs.

I’m not in town much, since I travel most of the year, but I keep an office at our location in Desoto, TX, just south of Dallas.  I’m mostly involved in web maintenance,  outreach and advertising, developing new products, puppetry training seminars, and doing all kinds of minutia that comes with running a small business.  My official title is V.P. of Tedium, which just about sums it up.

In any case its a wonderful venture and I’ve been privileged to participate in dozens of amazing puppetry related educational projects here and abroad as a result of my puppetry background.

Our customers are extremely supportive.  We make a totally awesome product.  And it’s really fun to sell a product that people LOVE to receive in the mail.  We are passionate about making a superior product and offering great customer service, and (again) our customers are super supportive and happy as a result.

If you need puppets, puppet shows, puppet stages or some top notch training in the art of puppetry – be sure to check us out!”

–Darren Collins