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Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Keeping kids away from drugs is a worthwhile pursuit all year.  Darren’s drug awareness presentation has four versions for four different age groups.  K-2 3-5, 6-8, and high school.

“This program is one of the most honest and thoughtful presentations I have ever seen.  Please pay attention closely students, because Darren is going to share with you about his family, about the dangers of drugs, and make you laugh a lot too.” –30 year veteran principal  – OCT 2008

In spite of the juggling and magic and funny business, Darren clearly illustrates the hard truths about drugs while talking to the kids in a way they understand.

Parents, Teachers, Administrators:
Darren will teach the students (depending on the age group) about:

• Legal, Over the Counter, and Prescription Drugs and their dangers
• Inhalants (and any other drug or activity that stops oxygen or blood flow to the brain)
• Illegal Drugs
• Being Responsible for your siblings’ safety when parents aren’t around
• Risk (Most people who use drugs DO NOT go to jail, DO NOT get sick, DO NOT die – and therefore RISK must be talked about frankly.)
• Peer Pressure
• Making Decisions BEFORE students are confronted directly with choices

Darren has had experience with drugs and drug education on many levels.  Darren was voted by city officials as a recognized peer leader when he was a teenager growing up in Port Angeles, Washington.  He participated in the Dare Program, America’s Pride (the teen version of DARE), and taught and performed at national conventions as a high schooler.  He worked in an office with the head writer for the National Crime Prevention Council’s McGruff The Crime Dog school curriculum for over a decade.  He also grew up as a virtual only child because his older brother was whisked away to prison for drug-related crimes.

Darren expertly shares with students the difficulties of being an adult who must tell kids to stay away from drugs when other adults in pop music, tv, movies, and own families seem to enjoy using drugs with very little consequence.  Yet, through the contradictions, there is a way to help kids get on (and stay on) the right path.

There is no shouting “just say no” and no commitments demanded of the students.  Instead, Darren encourages thoughtful consideration of the risks and real consequences to drug use and does it with the rapt attention of his audience – no matter what age.

What People Are Saying:

“…so much fun and your message to stay drug-free was wonderful!” –Arlington ISD

“Thank you for your presentation to our students during Red Ribbon Week. Your message was well presented and the students seemed to really enjoy the juggling. I have had many positive comments from my faculty and staff regarding your presentation and will hopefully be able to arrange to have you back in the future. Thanks so much for helping us out during our anti-drug campaign.” –Winnsboro ISD

“Thanks for your great performance. …students loved your juggling. We have also used your example of “using the right tool” in our writing lessons. Thanks again for a great show and message. …really made them think about saying “No” to drugs.” –Arlington ISD